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Equine Studies Bridge Program


JL Performance Horses offers an exclusive Equine Studies Bridge program for public & private schools. We are currently working with a number of school districts to welcome your child to the JLP Horse Team.

Only at JL Performance Horses


 Horses 101 is designed to be an introductory level equine studies program serving as a bridge between the academic schools and agricultural life on the farm. Students will find their experience both challenging and rewarding.  

Unique & Awesome Opportunity


JL Performance Horses continues to invite & welcome new schools to this unique and awesome opportunity for your child to learn through our exclusive, hands-on Equine Studies program. 

Students from ALL Districts


JL Performance Horses welcomes students from ALL school districts to join our Equine Studies Bridge program.  No prior experience with horses is required to register or participate.  No special gear or equipment is needed. Just a willingness to learn. 

Specialized Coursework


 In addition to their academic studies, students will participate in specialized coursework including, Horse/Stable Management, Intro to Equine Training & Behavior, Into to Equine Nutrition, Intro to Equine Health, Into to Equine Conformation, Basic Horsemanship.

Setting Students Up For Success


  Students will obtain a fundamental knowledge of the equine industry & have an understanding of the basic equine business functions and day-to-day operations of responsibilities. Students will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of HORSES 101.

Your School Can Win!

Your school can win a visit from the JL Performance Horses equine ambassadors!  Yes, we will happily bring our horses to your school!  

Simply click the download button below to print out the form and team up with JL Performance Horses in our quest for National Help A Horse Day.  

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Equine Studies Bridge Program

Exclusively offered at JL Performance Horses for students of private & public schools. 

Classes are held weekly for 3-4 hours. 

NO need prior experience required.

NO expensive equipment to buy.

Students must wear hard soled, heeled boots & long pants. 

Long hair must be neatly contained in a pony tail or braid.

No jewlery such has dangling earrings or necklaces.

No open toed shoes allowed.

These safety rules MUST be followed

Call (845) 260-0962

Ponysitters team up with Poughkeepsie Schools

Thank You for Inviting Us!

After a meeting with Poughkeepsie School District, Dr. Farrell kindly extended a personal invite to two of our impressive PONYSITTERS to join her quest to change the world in 30 days through random acts of kindness, to be paid forward.

March is Kindness Month

Pay it forward!  Join the Poughkeepsie School District students and our PONYSITTERS and step up to the challenge to change the world in 30 days by random acts of kindness.

Inspirational PONYSITTERS

These 2 PONYSITTERS have made it a priority to spread smiles and cheers to EVERYONE whose paths they cross including visiting residents at The Grand in Pawling, helping less experienced PONYSITTERS and going out of their way to help the horses at the farm.