Learn about YEDA

 JL Performance Horses has partnered up with and is putting together the first and only New York State YEDA team. 

Youth Equestrian Development Association, Inc (YEDA) is program that encourages development of riders’ skills, emphasizes exposure to scholarship opportunities, and encourages making connections with college programs. 

Our NYS YEDA team welcomes full time students enrolled in grades 4-12, beginner through advanced riders, who have a view towards showing Western. 


How is YEDA organized?


YEDA has several levels of riding from Elementary (4th and 5th grades), Jr. High (6th through 8th grades),  and Sr. High (9th through 12th grades). These levels will include a walk-trot category to develop beginner students. There is an additional class offered for Alumni members. The Alumni class is a rail and pattern class combined. YEDA also have classes for Equestrians with Disabilities. There are two divisions, Amber (walk only) and Topaz (walk/jog). Each division will have an independent and an assisted class, riders can choose which division/class is best for them. All EWD classes have rail work and a pattern.

YEDA includes rail and pattern classes for all riders, and offers YEDA Senior High Diamond riders the chance to compete in both reining and horsemanship.  The Junior and Senior High Sapphire riders have the opportunity to compete in ranch riding and horsemanship. This format will develop youth riders to be “complete horseman”, moving through levels to give students the opportunities ride a variety of classes and varying difficulties.


YEDA Scholarships

 By working with a variety of sponsors, partnering with established professional organizations, and strategic investing, it is the fundamental intention of YEDA to provide members aspiring to continue their education with financial scholarships to help them reach their utmost potential in whatever career field they choose to pursue. As of the end of our third season in the spring of 2019 we awarded over $100,000 in scholarships.